Welcome to the ICT4D Researchers in Africa Network blog

Welcome to the ICT4D African Researchers network blog!  This virtual space was created as one venue for young or emerging scholars and practitioners based in Africa to make their voice heard within the development interdisciplinary sphere.  Information and communication technologies for development have largely seen under-representation by researchers in Africa especially in the formal publication space.  Such a “participation gap” could have wide implications on global knowledge.  The ICT4D field itself could potentially miss a wealth of new ideas and talent coming from Africa if we continue our work as we have in the past.  In short, we cannot turn a blind eye to the uneven nature of academic research.

This blog originated from a group of researchers at the ICTD2010 London conference.  Shikoh, Paul and I presented a paper on the low number of ICT4D publications coming from Africa and in turn have protested for a change in the way we think and act about our research as an ICTD community and those of us based on the continent.  This blog is one among the many strategies which will contribute to the change of tide to the better inclusive world we all imagine in a knowledge society.  We look forward to reporting updates of the changing ICT4D space which favour participation and mentorship to the incredible innovation and ideas ready to burst out of Africa.


ICTD2010 Conference paper “ICTD Research by Africans”

Presentation to the ICT2010 paper by Shikoh, Paul and Kathleen

Why R&iHub is vital to Kenya by Kentaro Toyama

Call for Peer Mentors for ICTD2012 Atlanta


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